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The Schnorrenberg (Schnorre1 Mountain) is located west of the Badorf area of Brühl in the Kottenforst (Kotte Forest)- Villeseen (Villa Lakes)  Park, which was once a  mining area of brown coal.   The mountain was preserved despite the mining excavations. 

An excerpt from the home page of Berhard Münch reports:

"In the year 1883, a (sand or gravel)2 processing operation under the ownership of  members of the farming community3 was established to the east of Brühl.  The refinery opened up its own brown coal field and constructed a five kilometer long conveyor belt to transport the raw coal to power the steam engine of the factory on Berger Street.   In 1899, the first power plant fueled by brown coal was constructed on the Schnorre Mountain in proximity to the sand/gravel production;  the name of which, "Berggeist" or Spirit of the Mountain, lives on today as the name of the administrative headquarters of the electrical works in Rhineland-Westphalia." 

The street located here is also named Schnorrenberg. 

1, Place names are hard to translate.  About the  final  -n , for instance;  -en or -n is sometimes what is called a "stem formant", added to a word like Schnorre to form a stem so that compound names can be formed.  The English language doesn't do this.  

2, Zuckerfabrik means literally "sugar factory", although I don't think that is what is meant here. Zucker can also refer to sand or gravel, the smallest pieces of rock or stone in the quarrying process.  Sand makes more sense here than sugar.

3, Aktiengesellschaft is a stock company in modern language, like the well-known Bayer AG. Ownership of a company (Gesellschaft) is held by  shares (Aktien).  I don't think this was a common form of ownership in 1883, so I translated in the spirit of what it seems to mean. 

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