One of the Earliest (1661)Coat-of-Arm for the Schnorrenberg Name

Welcome to the Schnorrenberg Genealogical site. Our goal is to find our roots and to connect all of the living Schnorrenbergs into one family. Now over 8,384 cousins and 2,305 actual Schnorrenbergs.

  • "Famous" Schnorrenbergs: Gustav Eiffel, builder of the "Eiffel Tower" and designer of the  interior support structure for the "Statue of Liberty" is a cousin. Click here to see his family

  • A new way to display our data. This new method gives us the ability to show Pedigree Charts, Descendant Charts, New Family Pages that are completely interactive with the charts, and Notes Pages for each individual. You will find this information by clicking on the "New Index" box to the left. It is the same data, just in a different format.

  • Some information and data is now in PDF format. These can be downloaded and read with an Adobe Reader. We will be starting slow but will add to the list of information over time.

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Here you will find genealogical information about Schnorrenbergs, Descendant Reports and Charts, places where Schnorrenberg is used as a place name or street name, list of the Schnorrenberg immigrants to the USA. The origins of the name and Coats-of-Arms.

We have been working on this since the year 2000 and have made great progress. Not all of the names are connected in a family tree. But many of them are connected. We will continue to expand and improve this site on a continuing basis and will update this page when major additions are made to the genealogical information.

We need your help. If you have any ideas or suggestions on what we should have on this site, please send us your ideas. If you have any information or documentation on any of these names or names that we do not have, please forward copies of the data to us so that it can be incorporated. We would also be interested in any oral or written histories of any Schnorrenbergs. If you would like to participate and help us, please contact Tom Schnorrenberg in the USA, or Jochen Richard in Germany.


There are 8384 individuals

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If you would like to receive an e-mail notice when this site is updated or if you would like to submit data or corrections, e-mail Tom for English or Jochen for Deutsch.

Our many thanks to:

Dan & Elaine Bell for their family file with 597 new cousins

Paul & Karen Berg for their 30 new additions to the Romanus family, which now has 698 cousins

Uli Baldowefor his additions from the Bedburg/Grevenbroich/Mönchengladbach area

Barbara McNeil Iatropoulos for the translations to & from German.

John Siebold & Lillian Sneve for the use of their information on the Romanus Schnorrenberg family.

Kenneth Mitchell Goldenberg owner of, for hosting The Schnorrenberg Site

Joachim Maximillian "Jochen" Richard - Schnorrenberg Genealogist - German Contact

Frank Thomas "Tom" Schnorrenberg - Schnorrenberg Webmaster - USA Contact

And to the many Schnorrenbergs who have contributed information on their families.

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